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About Us

Bev Stewart and Barbara Sim started Cottage Faire in 2015 with a Facebook page with Cottage tips. In late 2016 they opened their online artisan boutique to sell handcrafted products made by Canadians. They wanted one easy place where cottage-lovers could find all things with a Canadian flare, accessible online..  

Sisters, Bev and Barbara are no strangers to the cottage life. Having spent every summer growing up in their family's log cabin in Mont Tremblant, arriving each year brought back all the fond memories from the summer before. This feeling forever stayed, and the simple and cozy decor, coupled with cherished memories inspired them to start this venture. Bev and Barbara are located in Guelph, Ontario.  

Cottage Faire is an Artisan Boutique website, sharing Canadian handcrafted items designed to help you have a more enjoyable experience for your home or cottage. Canada is filled with talented artisans and crafters, who show their products at craft fairs across the country. We want to make these treasures accessible to the online world.

    Faire is the French verb for “to do” - whether you are planning to retire to your cottage or visit seasonally or bring a cottage feel to your city home, brighten your home with Cottage Faire!